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Pharmaceutical Medicine Exporter in India – Seeing the ever-increasing demand for various pharma medicines across the globe, Lifecare Neuro Products Limited has come forwards as the leading Pharmaceutical Medicine Exporter from India. Our firm is engaged in the production, supplying, and trading of multiple ranges of pharma drugs including dermatology, nutraceuticals, neuropsychiatric, cardiac diabetic, etc. The firm is engaged in the exporting business in more than 20+ countries. Our overseas client base is a proud feature with pharma companies regularly ordering medicines across Kenya, Yemen, Afghanistan, Myanmar, Bhutan, Ukraine, Iraq, Nepal, Ghana, Uzbekistan, Cambodia, Sudan, Zimbabwe, Burkina, Oman and UAE. Having certifications from ISO, WHO, HACCP, GCCLP, GMP, GLP, etc. makes us the leading pharma drugs exporter from India.

Lifecare Neuro Products Limited is a prominent private label manufacturer as well as a medicines exporter from India. Over 1500+ pharma companies are engaged with our firm making us the best Pharma Exporter from India. Having an ever-increasing customer portfolio, we are also called the best pharma exporter from India. All the offered range by our firm is first tested in reputed NABL-approved labs under the guidance of well-trained pharma professionals.


How Lifecare Neuro Products Limited Is The Leading Medicine Exporter From India?

Being one of the most renowned pharma exporters and suppliers from India, Lifecare Neuro has its eyes set to break new records of success with the quality-based work that it does. Due to continuous hard work done by our firm, we have been also included in the Pharmaceutical Export Promotion Council of India. For more than 2 decades, we have also been included in the best global generic companies from India. A complete set of licenses and other documents are there with our firm that makes us a leading name in today’s pharma sector. The fine quality raw material is utilized by our organization in all manner. 

  • We have invested in hi-tech machines that are capable of processing bulk orders with ease.
  • Efficient techniques of production are used by our firm along with some cost-effective ways so that the linked professionals can get what they deserve from our side.
  • Newer and better strategies are introduced on a regular basis by our firm for improving the production work. 
  • All kinds of QA/QC expectations from top governing bodies are followed for the production work.

Pharma Drugs Range Exported From India 

Lifecare Neuro Product Ltd has always focused on delivering a wide range of medications to all those who are linked with it across the globe. Different segments are covered by us that have a vast demand across different states within and outside India. We deal in both generic drugs and branded drugs for private labeling also. At current times we are offering more than 500+ products to all those who are linked with us. All of them are approved by DGCI and other authorities and are ready for being exported across various nations. Covered segments include dermatology, cardiology, anti-diabetic, neurology, psychiatric, nutraceuticals, and much more. Have a look at the offered range that we have for export purposes in other countries.

Antipsychotics Vitamins & Minerals
Antidepressants Antimigraine
Anticonvulsants Antiparkinsonian
Anxiolytics NSAID’s
Antiemetics & Vertigo Antiulcer Hyperacidity
Antiplatelets Dermatological
Antibiotics Anti-Arthritic
Anti-Alcoholism Anti-Allergic
Cerebral Activators Anti-Inflammatory
Antidiabetics OTC Products

What Makes Lifecare Neuro Leading Medicine Exporter From India?

Having so much experience in the pharma sector, we have worked very well to offer a wide range of medications to all those who are linked with us from the very beginning. The private labeling services offered by our organization are worth noticing as it is awarded by a good number of healthcare experts. Lifecare Neuro Products Limited has inherited various traits that one needs to have in order to become the next leading pharma company in India. Having connections with a lot of potential pharma companies we are also ranked among the leading pharma medicine exporting companies from India. Have a look at some of the features that make us stand out in the ever-increasing competition as the top exporter from India.

  • Economic Services: The services offered by us are made available at a very viable rate of price. After getting linked with the top pharma exporter from India you will for sure get cost-effective services from our end.
  • Exporting Services: The private labeling, contract, and third-party manufacturing services offered by us are made available at a very fair value. We also try our best to maintain the princes as low as possible so that the linked pharma client can get their products at the fairest rate. 
  • High Productivity: All of our efforts are directed toward making sure that the linked clients are getting what they deserve in the best manner. That’s why we make use of new and latest machines that are capable of processing orders in bulk.

Benefits and Export of Pharmaceuticals

Quality of medicines:  Ethical Standards and Practices are the cornerstone of our company. We are committed to providing the highest quality products and services to our customers, both domestically and internationally. We understand that the marketplace is constantly changing and that our facilities and procedures need to be upgraded in order to meet those changes. Our goal is to always be the industry leader in Quality, Service, and Satisfaction.

Affordable Range of Products: Our company is proud to offer top-tier quality services at an affordable price. By partnering with the leading pharma exporter in India, you can be sure that you will receive budget-friendly services that suit your needs.

Advance Technology: We are committed to providing the best service possible to our clients. As a result, we use cutting-edge machines and technology to process orders quickly and efficiently. We are able to meet our clients’ needs and expectations by using cutting-edge technology to fulfill orders in a timely manner.

Exporting Services: At a fair price, we provide contract, private label, and third-party manufacturing services. We also aim to keep our costs low so that our pharmaceutical clients may afford to purchase their products. 

Steps For Applying Exporting Medicines From India

If your company is registered as Pharmaceutical Company in India, then your company may export medicine to other countries

  • You must first obtain an IEC number with an Indian import export code.
  • You can contact other countries’ exporters who are interested in importing Indian medicines.
  • Register your product with the country or countries to which you intend to export.
  • To ship your product to a foreign market, you must first obtain a DGCI license (DRUG CONTROLLER GENERAL OF INDIA)
  • Before you begin exporting pharmaceuticals, it is best to finalize your shipping method. Alternatively, you can select an experienced pharmaceutical trader, exporter, or supplier.
  • Obtain a purchase order from the company importing the product from India Create and send a proforma invoice with product details, product rates, freight details, and so on.
  • According to the terms of letter of the credit or purchase order you have to prepare commercial invoice
  • In response to your request, we have signed a contract with a freight forwarding company to ship the material to the appropriate country.
  • After completing all necessary government documentation, you must proceed to custom clearance. 
  • Once approved by the regulatory agency, pharmaceuticals will be shipped to importing countries.
  • However, custom clearance in the importing country is also required.

Important Documents Required For Export Purposes From India

Lifecare Neuro Products Limited is a pharma firm that believes in offering its services in the most professional manner and that’s why we are bound to professionalism when it comes to offering services. For having all the operations run successfully we offer our exporting services to all after going through in-depth research. The pharma experts who are linked with us further aid us to make sure we go with the latest news, policies, trends, and regulatory information of the pharma industry. Have a look at the list of the documents that are provided by our company.

  • Incorporation Certificate
  • Indian Trade Classification (HS) of the Product
  • Canceled Cheque
  • Company PAN number
  • IEC Number
  • Proof of Ownership or Business Premises or Rental Agreement
  • WHO GMP certification
  • Bank Account Statement and other financial documents
  • Bankers Certificate and other Customs Documents 

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Why Choose Us?

Lifecare Neuro Products Limited is one of the best neuropsychiatry product manufacturers in India. We are a registered Indian pharmaceutical company engaged in the manufacture and marketing of pharmaceutical formulations. We are located in Baddi, Himachal Pradesh, India, which is known as the largest pharma hub in Asia. We are specially recognized for our quality and range of neuro and psychiatric medicines. 

We are proud to be backed by leading professionals and a team of experts who are proficient with international industry norms. We are linked with the best distribution channels in India, who help us make on-time deliveries of all our manufactured products. Our domain lies in the list of Top Pharma Manufacturers in India. Along with the quality of our drugs, we also ensure the quality packaging of all our products. Being the top Third Party Pharma Manufacturers in India currently, we are providing our service to around 10+ countries. 

There are many reasons why Lifecare neuro products is a leading pharma export company in India. 

  • Strong commitment to quality: Ethical Standards and Practices are the cornerstone of our company. We are committed to providing the highest quality products and services to our customers, both domestically and internationally. We are constantly upgrading our facilities and procedures to meet the ever-changing demands of the marketplace. Our goal is to be the industry leader in Quality, Service, and Satisfaction.
  • High Productivity: We are dedicated to providing our clients with the best possible service. That’s why we use the latest machines and technology to process orders quickly and efficiently. By using the latest technology, we are able to fulfill orders in a timely manner and meet the needs and expectations of our clients.
  • Exporting Services: We offer private labeling, contract, and third-party manufacturing services at a fair value. We also work to keep our prices low so that our pharma clients can get their products at a fair rate. 
  • Competitive Prices: At our company, we pride ourselves in offering high-quality services at an affordable price. By connecting with the leading pharma exporter in India, you can be confident that you will receive cost-effective services that meet your needs and budget.  

India’s pharmaceutical exports have grown by 138%

According to Bussiness Standard News- “India’s pharma exports have increased 138 per cent in April-October 2022-23 compared to the same period of 2013-14 when the country became the pharmacy for the world. India’s pharma exports witnessed a growth of 138 per cent since April-October 2013-14, from Rs 37,987.68 crores in 2013-14 to Rs 90,324.23 crores in 2021-22.

Lifecare Neuro is one of the top pharmaceutical exporters in India that has made a major contribution to the growth of India’s pharma export business. We have been exporting large-scale medicine to more than 20 countries worldwide. We have crisscrossed the Asia Pacific, Latin America, Middle East, Sri Lanka, Africa, CIS countries and many more. With over 2000 products across more than 20 categories, we offer you depth and variety


So if you are looking for the best pharma drugs exporting company from India, then get in touch with us by using the following details.

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Address: 70/1 Dharampur, Sai Road, Baddi – 173205 India 

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