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Welcome to Lifecare Neuro – Top PCD Pharma Franchise Company in India

The fastest-growing pharma franchise company, Lifecare Neuro is committed to providing the best pharmaceutical products to the people of India. With the increasing scope of success, our company is providing multiple benefits to all the associating partners so they can efficiently cope with the rising scope. To give franchise business options to our customers, we have a well-designed PCD Pharma Franchise opportunity. The company specializes in offering its customers GMP-WHO-approved, inexpensive allopathic and general pharmaceuticals for franchising on a monopoly basis, as well as devoted customer care. As a result, we are India’s best PCD Pharma franchise company.

Pharma Franchise Business Opportunity

Lifecare Neuro is the leading PCD company in India that has been fulfilling the rising demands of the topmost quality neuro, cardiac and diabetic drugs. We have over 200+ associates across the nation who has been running a successful business at reasonable investment plans. The complete product range of the company is manufactured under the strict supervision of the leading pharmacists that we have appointed in our company. We source our raw extracts from the best merchants and vendors. Our GMP-WHO certified production plants are located in the special economic zones enabling us to provide our drugs at budget-friendly rates. Before bringing our products to the market, we test them multiple times and after being sure of their safety, reliability and effectiveness, we avail the compositions for the patients’ usage.

    Neuropsychiatry PCD Pharma Franchise

    With a clear objective to deliver a high-quality, effective and economical spectrum of neuro medication across India, Lifecare Neuro is presenting the best and extremely advantageous Neuro PCD Franchise Business opportunity. We have over 500+ products already being marketed and several formulations are yet under development. We are considered the most reputed pharma franchise company offering the best business opportunity to the unemployed sector. Medical experts and customers equally trust and recommend our high-quality neuropsychiatry drugs. For the development of a unique and improved product range, we have world-class manufacturing facilities. Our entire line is DCGI and FSSAI certified.

    Why Choose Us for PCD Pharma Franchise Business?

    ISO 9001:2008 CERTIFIED

    Dedicated to providing topmost quality products, we bring our products to the market with certifications from ISO. This has helped us maintain the respect that we have earned after our years of hard work.


    Quality being the root of the product is the main priority at Lifecare Neuro. Our pharmacists are highly skilled and follow all the security measures like QA/QC and ScheduleM.


    Our team members are diversified in facilitating a complete, high-performance culture in our firm, which will impact our bottom line.


    Our rules and procedures are meticulously crafted to ensure that our company and partners conduct business legally, ethically, and responsibly.


    To ensure the product’s safety, we opt for the best packaging techniques. We make sure our products are packed tightly, safe from leakage or spoilage.


    We have received various prestigious honours and recognitions in recent years for developing medicines following pharmacy industry standards.

    What do We Provide to our PCD Franchise Business Partners?

    With a wide range of products and widely spread business, Lifecare Neuro is a highly flourishing pharma franchise company in India. Our business is available at the PAN India level. The monopoly rights that we provide include the ability to distribute documentation that makes it simple to start your own franchise business. This gives your pharmaceutical company legal standing and allows you to work autonomously in the field of your choice. It decreases competition, resulting in higher sales. So, if you are looking for monopoly PCD pharma franchise companies in India or want to build your pharma company as a monopoly in a specific area, we can assist you.

    The franchise business requires good marketing to let the people know about the business and the brand. We provide cost-free marketing tools like MR bags, visual aids, calendars, diaries, etc.

    We are a well-known pharma franchise with favourable terms and conditions for our partners. As a result, we frequently give associates with specific benefits in the pharmaceutical industry, as well as ongoing incentives, to maintain strong morale.

    We maintain high-quality standards in our pharmaceutical franchise company, not only for pharmaceuticals but also for packaging. Our work has always been guided by the use of the highest-quality ingredients and the highest-quality packaging materials since its inception.

    Types of Products we Offer for PCD Pharma Franchise Business:

    Lifecare Neuro is known to provide topmost quality drugs at affordable rates. Here’s the list major products that we offer:






    protein powders



    Our Product Range

    The company’s vast production facilities are equipped with cutting-edge technology. Our team of experts ensures that every product that departs our plant complies with the WHO-GMP Guidelines and other international standards. This enables us to provide the highest-quality finished formulations to meet your specific requirements.

    Third Party Pharma Manufacturing

    Lifecare Neuro is considered the leading Third-Party pharma manufacturing company in India. We are capable to provide a wide choice of drugs to our associates because of our large-scale production equipment. We have the potential to deliver all types of medicine ranges such as pellets, tablets, capsules, Herbal Nutraceuticals, protein powder, Gym supplements, Capsules, Tablets, and pharma sachets as one of the most reputable third-party pharma producers. We employ the highest quality raw materials and cutting-edge tools as a leading Third-Party Pharma Manufacturing.

    Our company is backed by a team of specialists and top professionals that are well-versed in the international industry standard. We have established relationships with the best distribution networks in India, which enable us to deliver all manufactured goods on time. Our business is listed among India’s top ten third-party pharmaceutical manufacturing companies. Along with the quality of the drugs, we ensure that all of the drugs manufactured are packaged properly. We currently provide our services to over 10+ nations as the top Third-Party Pharma Manufacturers in India.

    Our Products

    PCD / Franchise Partnering

    Third Party Manufacturing
    Manufacturing on Loan Licence basis
    Supply Chain Partnering
    Organizational and Institutional Supply
    Export Operations“Our trademark Lifepearl (Copyright sign) coating for tablets,available in Premium Golden,Silver Titanium,Pearl Red oxide among others.API’s / Coating materials / Excepients sourced from by established USFDA approved unit like Sun pharma , Dr Reddys, Hetero drugs,Biocon , Colorcon USA etc.”


    “Our Trademark Lifepearl (Copyright sign) coating available on request for Third Party orders and for Franchises”