Nutraceutical Medicine Manufacturer in india

Lifecare Neuro is the best Nutraceutical Medicine Manufacturer in India. The company is the highly renowned manufacturers of nutraceutical products. There are a number of pharmaceutical companies that approach us for third party manufacturing for Nutraceutical Range. At present we are manufacturing more than 100+ products under the nutraceutical category.  We are having a capacity for large scale production of Medicines. We have attained the wide Ranges of Nutraceutical product portfolio which all are made under the Expert Guidance.

Nutraceutical Medicine Manufacturer in india

So if you are looking for a third party Nutraceutical medicine Manufacturing Company then We are the best option for you. For more details call us at +91 78768 92589 +91 70189 91192 +91 93180 58855  or email at

Best Pharma Company For Nutraceutical Products Manufacturing in India | Lifecare Neuro

Nutraceutical Medicines are those medications that are made from food sources with additional health gains. These medications are prepared to improve general well-being, check fatal processes, and control signs. The term Nutraceutical is made up of two terms where nutrient means nourishing food ingredients and pharmaceutical stands for a medical drug. That is how the term Nutraceutical has been formed. With time, India has also started working in the fitness world. There is a hike of 25% in the demand for nutraceutical medications. Slowly and steady people are moving towards the nutritional supplements which are good for our human body.

To meet the growing demand for nutraceutical medications, manufacturers are setting up their manufacturing units in India. This demand is allowing third party pharma manufacturers to explore a different horizon of the manufacturing as well as to meet the demand of the people.

Quality Precautions Taken from our End to Ensure Safe Manufacturing | Lifecare Neuro

Our company is very much concerned about the quality of the medications. The company obeys strict quality measurements to make sure that there should not be any compromise with the effectiveness of the product. Our manufacturing team and professionals are rigidly instructed by the Quality Management team to give special attention to each step of manufacturing. The main aim of the company is to match international standards of quality which are guided by the WHO and GMP. we are manufacturing to meet the customer’s demands, so it becomes more important to deliver a good and healthy product.

  • All the purchased raw material and other chemical formulations is attained from a reliable vendor.
  • The team of experts checks the persistence of the product at various parameters.
  • The Quality Management team personally checks each product before dispatching.

What Makes us Best for the Nutraceutical Medicine Manufacturer in India?

When it comes to fitness and health, nobody wants to risk their lives. It becomes very important for the customers to choose a good brand for themselves. That is why we feel immense pride to state that we are the best manufacturers of nutraceutical medications. Our company is very particular about the quality of the product and its productivity. Here are the different aspects which distinguish our manufacturing services from others

    • Our company is an ISO certified pharmaceutical company which deals in nutraceutical manufacturing.
    • The company has GMP-WHO certified manufacturing units.
    • All the stock and products which are prepared by us have been approved by the DCGI & FSSAI.
    • Our manufacturing services have earned a good reputation in the market which makes it more renowned.
    • All the products delivered by us in the marketplace are best in quality and highly trust-worthy.

Find the List of Nutraceutical Medicines for Third-Party Manufacturing

We manufacture all kinds of Nutraceutical Products, Medicine, and drugs. Here we sharing the list of Common Nutraceutical Medicines for which mostly pharma companies contact us to get manufacturing medicines.

  1. Lecithin-Softgels
  2. Coenzyme Q10 – ubiquinone
  3. Omacor (Pro) – omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids
  4. CoQ10 – ubiquinone
  5. L-Carnitine (Pro)- levocarnitine
  6. SAMe- s-adenosylmethionine
  7. Osteo Bi-Flex- chondroitin/glucosamine
  8. Alpha-Lipoic-Acid-300 – alpha-lipoic acid
  9. Fish Oil
  10. Schiff Move Free – chondroitin/glucosamine
  11. Cosamin DS – chondroitin/glucosamine
  12. Carnitor SF (Pro)- levocarnitine
  13. TheraTears Nutrition
  14. Aminomine- tryptophan
  15. Animi-3
  16. Animi-3 with Vitamin D
  17. Carnitor (Pro) -levocarnitine
  18. Cidaflex – chondroitin / glucosamine
  19. Cystadane (Pro) – betaine
  20. Divista
  21. Dry Eye Omega
  22. elppa CoQ10 -ubiquinone
  23. Endari (Pro) – glutamine
  24. Epanova (Pro)
  25. Genicin
  26. Glucoten -chondroitin / glucosamine
  27. GlutaSolve – glutamine
  28. LiQ-10 – ubiquinone
  29. MegaKrill
  30. Mi-Omega NF
  31. Nature’s Bounty Red Krill Oil
  32. Niacin Flush Free
  33. Niacinol
  34. NutreStore (Pro)
  35. Omtryg (Pro)
  36. OptiFlex-C – chondroitin
  37. Optiflex-G – glucosamine
  38. OptiFlex Complete
  39. Osteo Bi-Flex Advanced – chondroitin / glucosamine / methylsulfonylmethane
  40. Prenatal DHA
  41. Pryflex
  42. Q-Sorb Co Q-10
  43. Relamine
  44. SYMPT-X G.I.
  45. Triklo (Pro)
  46. Vascazen
  47. Vayarin
  48. Wellbaby DHA

Frequently Asked Questions 

How to start a nutraceutical company in India?

You can start your own Nutraceutical Company By obtaining your firm/company registration/license with FSSAI, you can launch your own nutritional supplement business. Manufacturers of nutraceuticals, who also produce nutritional or dietary supplements, can manufacture your products on a third-party basis. 

Is drug license required for nutraceuticals?

In the age of modern medicine and health, the food industries are today a research-focused industry. Therefore, you must obtain a specific license known as a “Nutraceutical License” if you wish to start a firm that produces and sells items for nutrition and healthcare.

Why is Lifecare Neuro the best for third party manufacturing for nutraceutical medicine?

No one wants to endanger their life in the name of fitness and health. Customers must make a wise brand decision for themselves, which becomes essential. We are quite proud to claim that we are the greatest producers of nutraceutical drugs for this reason. The product quality and productivity are highly important to our business. Below are the several features that set our manufacturing services apart from others.

  • Company is an ISO certified pharmaceutical company which deals in nutraceutical manufacturing.
  • The company has GMP-WHO certified manufacturing units.
  • All the stock and products which are prepared by us have been approved by the DCGI & FSSAI.
  • Manufacturing services have earned a good reputation in the market which makes it more renowned
  • All the products delivered  in the marketplace are best in quality and highly trust-worthy.

What is the Scope of starting a Nutraceutical medicine company?

All the necessary components for a human’s healthy diet are provided by nutraceuticals. The body needs energy and nutrient supplements from nutraceuticals in order to sustain maximum health. The nutraceuticals market is a dynamic, developing sector with great prospects to combine scientific advancement with rising consumer interest in foods that promote health.

Are nutraceuticals the same as pharmaceuticals?

Depending on the source, different products that are connected to nutraceuticals are defined differently. These goods can be categorized in accordance with their natural origins, pharmacological conditions, and chemical make-up. Nutraceuticals are typically divided into four groups, including pharmaceuticals, functional foods, dietary supplements, and therapeutic foods.