Neuropsychiatry Pharma Manufacturer in Puducherry

Neuropsychiatry Pharma Manufacturer in Puducherry– Medicine in Neuropsychiatry Manufacturing medicines is the process of creating medications for persons who are suffering from mental illnesses. In today’s world, many people suffer from despair and anxiety. The psychiatric range has been in high demand. Lifecare Neuro has extended its manufacturing facilities across India in response to increased demand. As a best Neuropsychiatry Pharma Manufacturer in Puducherry, we offer a wide range of neuro goods such as anti-migraine, antidepressants, antipsychotics, mood stabilizers, sleep aids, and so on.

Neuropsychiatry Pharma Manufacturer in Puducherry

Lifecare Neuro is a Neuropsychiatry Pharma Manufacturer in Puducherry that offers a wide range of neuro products. The company, on the other hand, has committed to providing high-quality Neuro products that adhere to and are approved by worldwide WHO-GMP standards. Our production takes place in a tax-free zone, reducing the tax burden on our customers. Become a strategic partner with us and grow your pharma business in the neuropsychiatry field.

For Dealing with the Best Quality Neuropsychiatry products collaborate with Lifecare Neuro in Puducherry. So call us at 9318058855, 9839039873, or you can write an email at

Emerging Neuro Medicine Manufacturer in Puducherry- Lifecare Neuro

Neuropischatric is a pharma market with high demand, which means that pharma companies that want to add this segment to their product portfolio will do well. Many pharma businesses in Puducherry use manufacturing services for this reason. Manufacturing also necessitates a lot of infrastructural facilities, including machinery, equipment, staff, documentation, and so on, because managing manufacturing and marketing at the same time is tough for pharma companies.

So, Lifecare Neuro is a well-known pharmaceutical company with years of experience in the field of pharma manufacturing. The company is well-equipped with contemporary machinery, and production is carried out in a germ-free environment. Lifecare Neuro adheres to all of the Induan Pharmaceutical Association’s stringent quality standards. Our company is capable of producing large quantities of Neuro medications and fulfilling customer bulk requests. We want to use our production capabilities to meet the current pharma market’s continued demand.

Get the Quality of Neuropsychiatry Medicines at Lifecare Neuro

We provide a broad choice of high-quality pharmaceutical items. We also deal in other pharma categories in addition to Neuro’s product line. We have expanded our Neuropsychiatry Pharma Manufacturer in Puducherry due to growing demand in the neurology market. We provide the neuropsychiatric spectrum in a variety of dosage forms, including pills, capsules, injections, liquids, and more. All of the items are created using high-quality active ingredients and pure raw materials from reputable suppliers. Our neuropsychiatric products are used to treat a variety of illnesses and come in the following formulations:


  • Amisulpride 25,50,100,200 mg Tablets
  • GranulationOlanzapine 2.5,5,7.5,10,15,20 mg Mouth Dissolving Tablets
  • Olanzapine 5/10 & Fluxetine 20 mg Tablet
  • Haloperidol Dispersible 0.25, 1.5, 5, 10,20 mg Tablet


  • Paroxetine Controlled Release 12.5,25,37.5 Tablets
  • Fluvoxamine Maleate 50,100 Tablets
  • Clomipramine HCI 10,25,50 & 75 mg Sustained-Release Tablets
  • Escitalopram 10 mg & Clonazepam 0.5 mg Tablets

Antiemetics & Vertigo

  • Prochlorperazine Maleate Mouth Dissolving 5 mg Tablets
  • Promethazine HCl 10,25 mg Tablets


  • Propranolol HCI Time Release 40 & Flunarizine 10 mg Capsules
  • Propranolol HCI Time Release 40 Capsules
  • Propranolol HCI 10,20,40 mg Tablets
  • Flunarizine 5,10 mg Tablets

Associates with Lifecare Neuro for the Neuro Pharma Manufacturing in Puducherry

Lifecare Neuro has set the standard for high-quality pharmaceutical products. We make the products while keeping the market demand in mind. To maintain the product list up to date, the company has employed the best research and development, team. We have received nothing but excellent comments from our clients and consumers, making us the top Third-Party Neuropyshiatry Manufacturer in Puducherry. The following are some of the advantages of working with us:

  • We provide a variety of Neuropsychiatry ranges.
  • Our major goal is to deliver all orders within 30-35 days.
  • There is no contamination in any of the manufacturing units.
  • Stock is completely available.
  • ALU-ALU and blister packaging are among the best packaging materials used.

Contact Information

Name: Lifecare Neuro

Address: #70/1 Dharampur, Sai Road, Near Export Promotion Zone Baddi, Himachal Pradesh-173205

Phone Number – +91 78768 92589, +91 70189 91192 ,+91 93180 58855