Neuropsychiatric Product Manufacturer in Haryana

Neuropsychiatric Product Manufacturer in Haryana – Are you lacking behind due to the paucity of manufacturing units? Are you searching for a neuropsychiatric product manufacturer in Haryana? Lifecare Neuro, the top Neuropsychiatric Product Manufacturer in Haryana, offers quality drug manufacturing services across the state. The company deals in an expansive range of quality formulations covering anti-depressants, anti-allergic, anxiolytics, mood stabilizers, stimulants, etc. We also offer customized product manufacturing services. The pharma experts at our production units are highly skilled and experienced. They take proper care of the formulations and ensures that the products are safe to use and shows no side effects.

With certifications from ISO, DGCI, WHO, and GMP, Lifecare Neuro is the foremost reliable Neuropsychiatric Product Manufacturer in Haryana. The company is engaged in the production, supply, and trade of numerous quality formulations. The research and development team at our production team have dedicated themselves to the formulation of new and effective formulations that are widely accepted by reputed doctors and psychiatrists. We offer our services in all the districts of Haryana including Kurukshetra, Palwal, Bhiwani, Gurugram, Hisar, Rohtak, Sonipat, Kaithal, etc.

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Lifecare Neuro – Top Neuropsychiatric Product Manufacturer in Haryana

In the list of the most trustable and most reliable manufacturing companies, Lifecare Neuro is the topmost name that pharma companies ever remember. Because of our authentic deals, we are the leading product manufacturer in the state. Our company has connections with the best doctors and neuropsychiatrists who keep us updated about the most demanded drugs in the marketplace. Many people are investing in the pharma sector but are falling short due to the lack of manufacturing units. To help such companies to grow well enough and assist them in enhancing their sales and business, we offer third-party manufacturing services in all regions of the state. We offer our partners the best quality formulations that can help people ail from several severe health and mental conditions. Some benefits of collaborating with our company are:

  • Clinically and lab-tested drugs
  • Affordable rate of the products
  • The best packaging material that helps keep the products safe and sound
  • Prompt delivery of the orders
  • Work with skilled and experienced pharma professionals

Scope of investing in Neuro Drug range

With the kind of lifestyle we have, stress has become a very common issue. People usually neglect the stress they are suffering from which lead to several other healthcare issues. At present almost 6 out of 10 suffer from the same kind of mental issue, it could be major as well as a minor. Thus, it increases the demand for quality treatment rising the scope of success in this sector. Many neuro medicine companies claim that the consumption of neuro drugs has increased in recent years which enhances your success rate in the sector. According to the study, almost 5% of the world’s population suffers from one or another mental issue including stress, depression, insomnia, etc. To fulfil the rising demand, Lifecare Neuro provides top-quality drugs across the state. The regions where we provide our manufacturing services include:

Ambala Karnal
Bhiwani Kurukshetra
Charkhi Dadri Mahendragarh
Faridabad Nuh district
Fatehabad Palwal
Gurugram Panchkula
Hisar Panipat
Jhajjar Rewari
Jind Rohtak
Kaithal Sirsa
Yamunanagar Sonipat

Lifecare Neuro’s quality control methods

Quality is a major factor at Lifecare Neuro. We understand your requirement of those drugs and tend to take proper care of the formulations. All the products that we provide are made up of top-quality raw material collected from the most reliable and trusted vendors of the pharma industry. with certifications from WHO-GMP, our manufacturing plants are located in excise duty-free locations. The products are packed with the best packaging material to keep them safe from leakage or contamination. Our range of formulation is available in the form of tablets, capsules, ointment, gels, soft gels, injections, etc. Before launching, the products are tested various times, to ensure that they are safe, reliable, effective and have a long shelf life. Our vast variety of drugs includes:


  • Amisulpride 25,50,100,200 mg Tablets
  • GranulationOlanzapine 2.5,5,7.5,10,15,20 mg Mouth Dissolving Tablets
  • Olanzapine 5/10 & Fluxetine 20 mg Tablet
  • Haloperidol Dispersible 0.25, 1.5, 5, 10,20 mg Tablet


  • Paroxetine Controlled Release 12.5,25,37.5 Tablets
  • Fluvoxamine Maleate 50,100 Tablets
  • Clomipramine HCI 10,25,50 & 75 mg Sustained Release Tablets
  • Escitalopram 10 mg & Clonazepam 0.5 mg Tablets

Vitamins & Minerals:

  • Antioxidants With Multivitamins, Multi minerals, Lycopene, Green Tea Extract & Methylcobalamin Tablets
  • Elemental Calcium 500 mg & Vitamin D3
    (Cholecalciferol) 250 IU Tablets
  • Elemental Calcium Citrate 1200 mg eq. to
    elemental Calcium 250 mg & calcitriol 0.25 mcg. Tablets
  • Glucosamine Sulphate 750mg,
    Chondroitin Sulphate 400 mg Tablets

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