Gynae Medicine Manufacturer in India

Gynae Medicine Manufacturer in India – Lifecare Neuro one of the best third party Gynae Medicine Manufacturers in India Get quality gynaecology and infertility drugs manufactured under GMP, GLP, and WHO standards! We are a trusted name to provide you high-quality production facility, world-class infrastructure, efficient techniques, and modern equipment. We’re the best Gynae medicine manufacturer in India that has a genuine range of DCGI approved list. We manufacturer the best all kinds of Gynae medicines that include hormone replacement therapy tablets and capsules, vaginal wash, pharma injectables, abortion pills, etc. They’re made under strict guidelines followed under the guidance of experts. So We are the Top third party Gynae Medicine Manufacturer in India to provide you genuine development, production, packaging, and distribution facilities. For more details call us at +91 78768 92589, +91 70189 91192, +91 93180 58855 or email at

Gynae Medicine Manufacturer in India

Find the List of Gynae Medicines for Third Party Manufacturing

We manufacture all kinds of Gynae Medicine drugs. Here we sharing the list of Common Gynae Medicines for which mostly pharma companies contact us to get manufacturing medicines.

  1. Theophylline
  2. Caffeine
  3. Aminophylline
  4. Bupivacaine
  5. Cefoxitin
  6. Cefotaxime
  7. Cefotetan
  8. Ropivacaine
  9. Piperacillin
  10. Desogestrel
  11. Levonorgestrel
  12. Ormeloxifene
  13. Nonoxinol
  14. Etonogestrel
  15. Norethindrone
  16. Mestranol + Norethindrone
  17. Medroxyprogesterone
  18. Valdecoxib
  19. Diclofenac
  20. Celecoxib
  21. Ketoprofen
  22. Mefenamic Acid
  23. Ibuprofen
  24. Naproxen
  25. Flurbiprofen
  26. Metformin
  27. Bromocriptine
  28. Misoprostol
  29. Oxytocin
  30. Dinoprostone
  31. Ropivacaine
  32. Oxymorphone
  33. Pentazocine
  34. Butorphanol
  35. Lactation Augmentation


Best Gynae Medicine Manufacturing Company – Lifecare Neuro

Bringing you ISO-2008 certified products with the best affordable rates Lifecare Neuro is giving its best services. Focusing on quality we have emerged as the top Pharma manufacturing company which is doing excellent. Our main aim is to achieve customer satisfaction by delivering the best. With so many years of experience, manpower, and management working with us have been so professional in good productivity. We have approval from DCGI for our products. Here sharing you the best things about our manufacturing company which will bring you to us :

  • New latest technology implemented with the best-occupied staff is the best thing about us.
  • We bring you a wide range of products in the Gynae section with full proof quality assurance.
  • The delivery of products and packaging have done is so precise that it makes customer stick to our product.
  • Certifications acquired by our company for running unit such as CGMP, CGLP and WHO has made manufacturing done smoother.
  • The spacious warehouse and refrigerating area for the storage of medicines are quite impressive.
  • Regular upgrade of machines and the latest technology is involved in the company for more product development.
  • Full quality norms are followed which are issued by govt authorities by following environment policy.

Why Choose Us for Gynae Medicine Manufacturing on Third-party Basis.

With 20+ product segment manufactured, 1500+ valuable customers inclined, 150+ locations, and 25 years of experience we have done excellence in the manufacturing of products. Located in the specialized zone of Baddi being called as pharma hub of the country we welcome you for the best quality manufacturing services. Our goal is to arrange the best product for your convenience. There are some following points which explained to us why we are best for Thrid party manufacturing for Gynae Range. 

  1. Quality Assurance- We have a strong and well established Quality Assurance Sytems.  We always ensure that proper hygiene, small batches, a good record, and everything are in place. This helps maintain the quality of medicines and give you defect-free and effective drugs.
  2. Cost-Effectively – Our manufacturing Pant is located in excise free zone Baddi. We have various sources of raw material for pharma manufacturing. And our machines and technology are fully advanced. These help us reduce overhead charges and costs to a good point where it comes economic and affordable for your company
  3. Timely Delivery –   We have tie-up with all the transport and courier services to deliver your order at your destinations. Our networks are spread PAN India which helps us make our delivery system quite efficient and quick. Therefore, your order will be provided within the allotted dates which are our promise.

The Demand for Gynaecology Products in India

With a great hike in the Pharma Industry in 2020 Gynae sector has also contributed a good rate in this rise. With a very good margin of 8.1% Indian Gyanecology market has seen such a tremendous increase in this section. We focus on production to overcome increasing demand. The Gynae sector only deals with ailments related to women so this requirement is only because of the rising concern and awareness among women for better health treatment. Many factors are responsible for this such as:

  • Half of the women population in every second giving birth to the newborn. This factor builds the need for Gynecology prescriptions in India.
  • Mensuration occurring also results in huge hormonal changing problems which demand treatment.
  • Awareness drives by Healthcare societies and NGO’s had made women aware of the quality treatment for well being.
  • Less availability of products is a great ray of scope in this range.

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