General Medicine Manufacturer in India

We are having a capacity for large scale production of Medicines. We have well established Quality Control and Quality Assurance systems which make us the most trusted General medicines manufacturing company in India. We provide the medicine on-time delivery with bulk orders as well. All the products of ours are approved by international quality standards. There are a number of pharma companies that are associated with us for General Medicine Manufacturing on a Third-party basis. 

So if you are looking for a third party General medicine Manufacturing Company then We are the best option for you. For more details call us at +91 78768 92589 +91 70189 91192 +91 93180 58855 or email at

General Medicine Manufacturer in India

Scope in Pharma Market for General Medicines 

General Medicines are used everywhere to prevent the little diseases, whose primary treatment does not involve surgery. General Medicine can treat the conditions that affect the cardiovascular, respiratory, gastrointestinal, neurological, hematological, or endocrine systems. However, With the improving economics, varying lifestyles, and developing awareness of people towards their health.

People want to get an affordable yet quality product which could treat the issues in no time. So, General medicines have good demand across India. It is like an amalgamation of several market segments that create diverse demand. The General Drug range is not specialized in any one segment, it covers different drug segments. And, the top General range manufacturer in India which is providing the best and finest quality of products to its clients.

Effective and Durable Packaging For General Medicines at Lifecare Neuro

The packaging is also and the most important key factor in Pharma Manufacturing Companies. At Lifecare Neuros, we have a team of sophisticated who do effective packaging. While Lifecare Neuros counted amongst the Top General Pharma Manufacturing Company, we have the power to provides the Delivery on Bulk order too. Being with the High-tech and edge to edge machinery following are our most reliable machinery features:

  • Our Manufacturing Units are spread over a wide piece of land. 
  • Our machinery is supervised by the High skilled workers. 
  • Regularly Checked and file the Machines. However, asl the machines are placed in Hygiene and cleaned the place. 
  • We frequently upgrade storage. 

All the Machines at Lifeacer neuro for Medicine manufacturing have te ability to ensure the maximum richness in the smallest time period.

Best Pharma Company For General Medicine Manufacturing in India – Lifecare Neuro

It’s not hard to find out the best General medicine manufacturing company in India today. there are a few aspects which are needed to be considered to figure out the best. And, following re that factor which you should look up in Pharma manufacturing company while choosing:

  1. Initially, look at the company product portfolio. What kinds of ranges there are offering.
  2. The most important factor make sure the Company is ISO Certified along with that attain the WHO and GMP manufacturing plants. 
  3. Company products must be Durable and effective with 100% quality assurance. 
  4. There should be and highly experienced staff.

If the General Medicine pharma Manufautrinf company lies under these circumstances, then you are good to collaborate with the company for General Medicine Manufacturing. 

Find the List of General Medicines for Third Party Manufacturer

We manufacture all kind of General Medicine drugs. Here we sharing the list of Common General Medicines for which mostly pharma companies contact us to get manufacturing medicines.


  1. Linezolid Tablets
  2. Rifaximin Tablets
  3. Cefixime 200 mg & Ofloxacin 200 mg Tablets
  4. Cefixime Dispersible
  5. Cefpodoxime Proxetil Dispersible Tablets 200 mg
  6. Azithromycin
  7. Ofloxacin
  8. Ofloxacin 200 & Ornidazole 500 Tablets
  9. Levofloxacin
  10.  Ciprofloxacin 500 & Tinidazole 600 Tablets


  1. Levetiracetam
  2. Divalproex Sodium eq. Valproic acid
  3. Oxcarbazepine Dispersible
  4. Sodium Valproate
  5. Valproic acid
  6. Sodium Valporate
  7. Controlled Release Tablet
  8. Clobazam Mouth Dissolving
  9. Topiramate


  1. Paroxetine Controlled
  2. Fluvoxamine Maleate
  3. Escitalopram 5,10,20 mg Tablets
  4. Escitalopram 10 mg & Clonazepam 0.5 mg Tablets
  5. Escitalopram 5 mg Clonazepam 0.25 mg Tablets
  6. Duloxetine
  7. Mirtazapine Mouth Dissolving
  8. Desvenlafaxine Extended
  9. Venlafaxine Extended Tablets
  10. Sertraline
  11. Sertraline & Alprazolam Tablets
  12. Dothiepin


  1. VogliboseTablets
  2. Glimepiride 1 & Metformin HCI 500
  3. Glimepiride 2 & Metformin HCI 500
  4. Rebaudioside A Power Sachets
  5. Rebaudioside


  1. Flunarizine 5,10 mg Tablets
  2. Propranolol HCI 10,20,40 mg Tablets
  3. Propranolol HCI Time Release 40 Capsules
  4. Propranolol HCI Time Release 40 & Flunarizine 10 mg Capsules


  1. Amisulpride
  2. Olanzapine 5/10 & Fluxetine 20 mg Tablet
  3. Clozapine Tablet
  4. Trifluoperazine 5/10 & Trihexyphenidyl 2mg.
  5. Haloperidol Dispersible
  6. Loxapine 10,25 mg Capsule
  7. Flupenthixol Tablet
  8. Loxapine 10 mg Mouth Dissolving Tables