Cardiac Diabetic Product Manufacturer in Bihar

Cardiac Diabetic Product Manufacturer in Bihar– Lifecare Neuro is a WHO-accredited pharmaceutical company that offers contract manufacturing services throughout Bihar. The company’s production facilities are outfitted with cutting-edge technology that aids in the safe manufacture of formulas. We are well-known as the leading Cardiac Diabetic Pharma Manufacturer in Bihar due to our dependable commercial services.Cardiac Diabetic Pharma Manufacturer in Bihar

Our firm obtains its raw extracts from industry-recognized suppliers. We work with a number of pharmaceutical companies in the state. Our organization is known as the best Cardiac Diabetic Pharma Manufacturer in Bihar, thanks to ISO, DCGI, WHO, and GMP certifications. Our products are highly regarded by the world’s leading doctors and specialists.

Pharmaceutical companies can call us at 9318058855, 9839039873, or send us an email at to learn more about our manufacturing services in Bihar.

Lifecare Neuro is the Best Manufacturing unit in Bihar

Lifecare Neuro, which was founded in 1994, is one of Bihar’s most prestigious pharmaceutical enterprises. In our firm, we have physicians, pharmaceutical specialists, quality management engineers, sales and marketing managers, and other well-educated and experienced campaigners. Furthermore, the associates that trusted us earned a positive reputation for the company. This product is offered by the Cardiac Diabetic Products Manufacturer in Bihar. The following are some of the reasons why you should connect with us:

  1. Quality Assurance Measures to ensure a high-quality product are meticulously followed.
  2. The R&D team of the corporation is looking at new product development.
  3. Advanced Machinery was used by the company.
  4. The promised delivery dates have been set.
  5. Blister, Alu-Alu, droplets, bags, and more packaging options are available.
  6. The products are given at a reasonable price, and bulk discounts are also available.

Quality Cardiac Diabetic Medicines for the Third Party Manufacturing 

Quality is the most important consideration for anyone looking for a manufacturer because in the pharmaceutical industry, quality cannot be compromised. Many pharmaceutical corporations are considering incorporating initiatives into their manufacturing units in order to expand their cardiology prescriptions by investigating cardiovascular medicines. Providing each of our medicines is the cleanest way to treat patients and control their diabetics. As a cardiac and diabetic third-party pharmaceutical company, we place a strong emphasis on incorporating quality into the prescription interaction plan and ensuring that the end goal is met.


  • Clopidogrel 75mg. & Aspirin 75mg. Tablets
  • Clopidogrel 75mg. Tablets


  • Linezolid Tablets I.P. 600mg
  • Rifaximin 200,400,550 mg Tablets
  • Cefixime 200 mg & Ofloxacin 200 mg Tablets
  • Cefixime Dispersible 100,200 mg Tablets
  • Cefpodoxime Proxetil Dispersible Tablets 200 mg


  • Divalproex Sodium eq. Valproic acid 250,500,750 mg Tablets
  • Gabapentin 300/400 mg, Methylcobalamine 750 mcg Tablets
  • Carbamazepine Controlled Release 200,300,400mg Tablets
  • Phenytoin Sodium 100,300 mg Tablet


  • Voglibose 0.2,0.3 mg Tablets
  • Glimepiride 1 & Metformin HCI 500 Extended-Release Tablets
  • Glimepiride 2 & Metformin HCI 500 Extended-Release Tablets
  • Rebaudioside A Power Sachets
  • Rebaudioside A 100 mg Tablets

What makes Lifecare Neuro is the Best Choice for Manufacturing Services in Bihar 

Lifecare Neuro offers you manufacturing deals in Bihar that are tailored to your needs, as well as effective strategies to meet your regular needs. Our company, which is situated in Himachal Pradesh, is ISO certified. Working with our company has a number of benefits, one of which is the potential to avoid paying excise duty. Because our premises are in a tax-advantaged area, we can offer genuine services and pricing. Purity, stability, safety, and efficacy are all characteristics of pharmaceuticals made with better techniques. As a result, the company earned a reputation as India’s best heart diabetes pharmaceutical maker. The following are some of the advantages of joining our company in Bihar’s many locations:

Quality Assurance– Years of experience from the greatest quality control engineers make up our R&D team. Stringent quality control from the manufacturing line through shipment ensures that the products are safe and packaged properly.

Product Processing– We have a massive production plant that can produce thousands of products at once. Production begins only when demand is stable, and we produce things in large quantities on demand.

Operations– Operations that take place during manufacturing include raw material selections, initial planning phases, development phases, production phases, evaluation phases, commercial production phases, inspection, shipping, and so on.

On-Time Delivery– The company has the greatest logistics team in the industry, which ensures on-time delivery of cardiac and diabetic items to our associates. Our transportation crew is always ready to assist you on time, no matter where you are.

Contact Details

Phone Number – 9318058855, 9839039873