Cardiac Diabetic Medicine Manufacturer in India

Best Cardiac Diabetic Medicine Manufacturer in India – Lifecare Neuro is one of the best Third-party Cardiac diabetic Medicine Manufacturers in India. We have a well-established pharma unit to manufacturing the best quality of medicines at reasonable prices. we provide an extensive range of DCGI approved drugs that meet higher customer satisfaction.  Our manufacturing plants for Orthopedic medications can manufacture various forms like Cardiac tablets, capsules, diabetic injections, syrups, etc. We have a strong Quality control system for providing the best quality of the product. Our Quality assures and reasonable prices least us the most trusted cardiac diabetic medicine manufacturing Company in India.  So If you are looking for an affordable, innovative, and excellent Cardiac Diabetic Medicine Manufacturing Company that we best Option for you. For more details call us at +91 78768 92589, +91 70189 91192, +91 93180 58855 or email at

Cardiac Diabetic Medicine Manufacturer in India


Top Cardio Diabetes Manufacturing Company – Lifecare Neuro

We here come up with the most effective and reasonable deals in the Pharma sector. Being engages with top regulatory authorities of India in the Pharma sector our manufacturing unit is working accordingly by following standard guidelines released by them. Lifecare Neuro has set a benchmark in the Cardiac Diabetic range. More than 100+ products are available with our company for market requirements and still working to develop more products in this range. Some Key Features of the company are listed below:

  • Enough capable to provide excellent quality of the product by using the best solutions.
  • Genuine price quotation is given with the most accurate and flexible rates.
  • The focus is on customer satisfaction.
  • Advanced equipment and new technology are applied to the fast processing of products.
  • Effectivity in products is aimed at utilizing the best ingredients.
  • Precise packaging of products is done for longer durability and accessibility.
  • The spacious warehouse of the company has emergency storage production.
  • Promotional kits are provided for increasing sales.

Find the List Cardiac And Diabetic Medicines For Third Party Manufacturing

Our product range and good quality manufacturing services have engaged so many pharma companies with us. We manufacture all kinds of Cardiac Diabetic Medicine drugs. Here we sharing the list of Common Cardiac Diabetic Medicines for which mostly pharma companies contact us to get manufacturing medicines.

  1. Apixaban
  2. Dabigatran
  3. Edoxaban
  4. Heparin 
  5. Rivaroxaban 
  6. Warfarin
  7. Aspirin
  8. Clopidogrel
  9. Dipyridamole 
  10. Prasugrel 
  11. Ticagrelor 
  12. Benazepril 
  13. Captopril 
  14. Enalapril 
  15. Fosinopril 
  16. Lisinopril 
  17. Moexipril 
  18. Perindopril 
  19. Quinapril 
  20. Ramipril 
  21. Trandolapril 
  22. Azilsartan 
  23. Candesartan
  24. Eprosartan 
  25. Irbesartan
  26. Losartan 
  27. Olmesartan  
  28. Telmisartan 
  29. Valsartan 
  30. Acebutolol 
  31. Atenolol 
  32. Betaxolol 
  33. Bisoprolol/hydrochlorothiazide 
  34. Bisoprolol 
  35. Metoprolol 
  36. Nadolol 

These drug formulations are available in various varieties of products which include Tablets, injections, sachet, dry syrup, powder, creams, ointment, etc. our professional team is giving its 100% effort to release the best results through these medicines.

Quality standard ensured for Third-Party Manufacturing 

Being certified by ISO, WHO-GMP  we have adopted the best methods which are accessible for acquiring a quality drug formulation. We ensure our customers with the best product. Lifecare- Neuro has set up an organized staff that is dedicatedly working for the growth of the company by providing the best productivity. We have opted various quality norms such as:

  • SOP (standard operating procedure)
  • TQM( Total quality management )
  • Auditing
  • Organizing pieces of training
  • QA/QC analyzation
  • R&D Teamwork

What Make us Best For Third Party Manufacturer of Cardiac Diabetic Medicines?

We are working for the best output in the pharma industry. For this, we ensure our customers and business are associated with full surety of products. We try our best to execute the best results through our products. Working hard from the past many years we have become a great brand in the pharma manufacturing platform. Here we ensure with the best output through these below-mentioned factors:

  1. Cost-Effective product  –  Our manufacturing Unit is located in excise free locations Baddi Himahal Pradesh. We have been fully furnished with the latest machines and technology. These help us reduce overhead charges and costs to a good point where it comes economic and affordable for your company.
  2. Best Packaging Solutions: We are known for the best packing solution for third party manufacturing. We have always kept our packaging sophisticated and the best. Various tests are carried out to ensure that you get drugs that are safe against all odds of extreme high/low temperature, reaction with the packaging, movements etc. We provide an attractive product packing solution. 
  3. Quality Measurements: We follow the International standards of quality guidelines. GMP, WHO  etc guidelines are religiously followed for Quality assurance. We always ensure that proper hygiene, small batches, a good record and everything are in place. This helps maintain the quality of medicines and give you defect-free and effective drugs.
  4. Quick Delivery Assistance: Our networks are spread PAN India which helps us make our delivery system quite efficient and quick. Therefore, your order will be provided within the allotted dates which are our promise.

The demand for Cardiac and Diabetic Medicines In all over the World

The awareness and increased illiteracy rate among people have generated more demand for Cardiac Diabetic Medicine in India. Changing the lifestyle of people has given rise to many diseases in Cardiac and diabetes range. Demand for diabetes and the cardiac drug will go to reach $95 billion by 2023. This medicine range has given a good turnover to many Pharma Manufacturer in India. Here below listed are reasons for good growth in the Cardiac Diabetic range:

  • The rise in population in India has resulted in an unhygienic lifestyle which has caused several diseases related to Cardiac and Diabetes.
  • High glucose consumption has made medicine demand in this range high.
  • Eating unhealthy leads to diabetes and cardiac strokes.
  • Knowledge of medicines among people has raised the demand for these products.
  • Diabetes products have expected to reach at US$95.102 billion by 2023 from a market size of US$68.38 billion

So the Cardiac Diabetic is the best products range to start a pharma business in India. And Lifecare Neuro is the best for Cardiac Diabetic medicines Manufacturing on a Third-Party basis. 

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