Cardiac Diabetic Manufacturing Companies in Assam

Cardiac Diabetic Manufacturing Companies in Assam: Assam is the northeastern state of India, one of the country’s most beautiful places. The state has shown significant growth in the last few years, both socially and economically. There has been a tremendous demand for pharmaceutical products in the state due to the population’s rise in health problems, especially cardiac and diabetic diseases. Many pharma professionals are looking to set up their pharma businesses in Assam and are looking for good cardiac diabetic manufacturing companies in Assam.

Cardiac Diabetic Manufacturing Company in Delhi
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Being one of the top cardiac diabetic manufacturing companies in Assam, Lifecare Neuro is an ISO Certified company that manufactures 20+ different product segments in the pharmaceutical sector. All our products are WHO and GMP Certified. Our company offers a one-stop solution that includes leadership and consultation on pharmaceutical marketing, distinctive and creative packaging, and the creation of packing materials. We offer clinical trials, lab tastings, and quality assurances on our complete product list.

Top Name for Pharma Manufacturing and Healthcare Services: Lifecare Neuro

Lifecare Neuro is a well-known manufacturing company in India that specialises in the research and development, production, supply, and trading of pharmaceutical formulations in solid and liquid forms, including tablets, capsules, powders, injectables, and oral solutions that require varying degrees of high-shear granulation, bi-layers, fluid-bed processing, and film coating. It is why we are a top name among the cardiac manufacturing companies in Assam.

Our company includes leading specialists and a team of professionals knowledgeable about the global industry standard to support our organisation. We have connections with India’s top distribution networks, which enable us to deliver all manufactured goods on schedule. We make sure that all of the created pharmaceuticals have high-quality packaging in addition to high-quality medication. We currently offer our services to more than ten nations and are a top cardiac diabetic manufacturer in Assam.

  • More than 26 years of experience
  • 3000 plus products
  • Various certifications from reputed organisations.
  • 400 plus professionals 
  • DCGI-approved molecules
  • Operation in more than ten countries
  • Patented products
  • Finest cardiac diabetic range

Standards for Producing Secure and Safe Healthcare Products

Quality of care is one of Lifecare Neuro’s guiding principles. Our goal is to safeguard and advance patient health by consistently providing specialised pharmaceutical products that are high-quality, secure, and efficient. By doing this, we can ensure that every patient has access to the best medications. We have become a leader in the pharmaceutical sector because of our dedication to upholding the highest standards of quality production and distribution.

  • Reliable raw materials
  • Approved molecules from DCGI
  • Finest facilities for manufacturing
  • Committed quality control team
  • Huge storage spaces with enough ventilation
  • Regular product examination

Widest Range of Quality Products and Medications for Pharma Business

Our company offers a wide range of health products. The idea behind providing various solutions is to make treatment simple and available to anyone who demands assistance. No compromise is made in the quality of our products, and every product exhibits promise regardless of the uptake approach. We wish to improve our customers’ overall health because they have put their trust in us.

Antipsychotics Antidepressants
 Vitamins & Minerals   Antibiotics
 Antiplatelets Antiparkinsonian
 Anticonvulsants Antimigraine
 Antidiabetics Cerebral Activators
 Antiulcer Hyperacidity Dermatological
 Anti-Arthritic Anti-Allergic
 Antiemetics & Vertigo Anti-Alcoholism
 OTC Products Lifegenix Division Products
 Supportive medication for COVID-19/Coronavirus Anti-Inflammatory

Why Approach us for Cardiatic Diabetic Manufacturing in Assam?

Lifecare Neuro is a major pharmaceutical manufacturer committed to producing high-quality dietary supplements per GMP-WHO standards for over 26 years. The ideals of transparency and dedication drive Lifecare Neuro.  We are associated with India’s most significant logistics firm, which takes its work seriously and responsibly. The supplies are being sanitised before being swiftly and safely delivered to your location. We are connecting with our associates and customers around the country to provide better products and facilities.

  • Global client base in more than ten countries
  • High-quality products provided in a patented packaging
  • We are dealing with more than 1500 companies on a daily basis
  • Modern technology is being utilised for the production of healthcare components.
  • Large-quality manufacturing facilities with big storage areas
  • A reputed name in the pharma industry for over 26 years.
  • 3000 plus quality products
  • Timely deliveries and care of meeting deadlines


Lifecare neuro is the best name among cardiac diabetic manufacturing companies in Assam. So, our company is the ideal choice if you are a pharma professional looking to enter the pharma industry and for businesses to collaborate with. We are a leading pharma firm with years of experience. To produce goods and services, our company has worked with various experts. Please feel free to contact us, and we wish you success in your future endeavours.

Contact Information 

Name – Lifecare Neuro

Himachal Pradesh – 173205

Phone Number – +91 78768 92589, +91 70189 91192,+91 93180 58855

Address –: #70/1 Dharampur, Sai Road, Near Export Promotion Zone Baddi.