Anti Ulcer Medicines Manufacturer & Supplier in India

Anti Ulcer Medicines Manufacturer & Supplier in India – Get quality Antiulcer Hyperaciditym ulcer protective drugs and best antacid for peptic ulcers, stomach acid, gastroesophageal reflux disease, and excess stomach acid production.  Trust leading Third party manufacturing company, Lifecare Neuro for quality stomach protector medicine covering proton pump inhibitors (PPIs), prokinetic agents, dopamine antagonist medication etc. We’re certified Anti Ulcer Medicines Manufacturer & Supplier in India with ISO with GMP-WHO, GLP certified units in Baddi. We have collaborated with thousands of companies across globe offering high-quality anti-ulcerant products.

Make your own ulcer drug name brand with Lifecare Neuro’s Top Third party Anti Ulcer Medicines Manufacturer & Supplier in India. Enjoy the world-class expertise and modern production facilities for manufacturing services for allopathic medicine for mouth ulcer. Our unit boasts bulk production, packaging and supplying of ulcer medicine syrup, tablets and capsules etc. Different custom packaging solutions with carton are available as per client demand.

Anti Ulcer Medicines Manufacturer & Supplier in India

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Leading Ulcer Protective Drugs Manufacturing Company – Lifecare Neuro

Lifecare Neuro is a prominent name in the Indian pharmaceutical sector, offering consumers top-rated solutions. Customers’ needs are met by the company by combining its experience and resources and producing class formulas. Lifecare Neuro features a complex infrastructure that comprises A-grade manufacturing units, quality testing labs, and more. We make significant investments in arranging imported machines and improving technology. As a result, we are known as India’s leading Third Party Anti Ulcer Drugs Manufacturer and Supplier. Lifecare Neuro’s key characteristics include:-

  • We are a well-known and respected name in the Indian pharmaceutical industry.
  • A team of pharma specialists and R&D scientists with extensive experience.
  • The excellent product portfolio covers the entire segment.
  • Product delivery on time thanks to a well-organized logistics chain.
  • Fully upgraded manufacturing facilities with imported machinery and computerized controls.
  • All molecules and final products are subjected to quality assurance and testing.
  • Products are delivered in airtight, moisture-free packaging.

List of Anti-Ulcer Drugs for Manufacturing Services

In India, ulcer medicines are in high demand. This is because of poor eating habits and lifestyles, which lead to ulcer treatments. Anti-Ulcer medications from Lifecare Neuro are used to treat a variety of ulcers, including peptic ulcers, oral ulcers, and arterial ulcers. Various drug dosage systems have been adopted to assure the availability of therapeutic segments such as antibiotics, anti-infectives, anti-allergics, and so on. Anti-ulcer pharma production can be done in the form of pills, capsules, and syrups by interested pharma businesses. The following is a list of Anti-Ulcerrants medications:

  • Dexrabeprazole 20 mg & Domperidone 30 mg SR Capsules
  • Rabeprazole 20 mg & Levosulpride 70 mg SR Capsules
  • Pantoprazole 40 mg & Domperidone 10 mg Tablets
  • Pantoprazole Tablets 40 mg
  • Rabeprazole Sodium 20 mg Tablets
  • Rabeprazole 20 mg & Domperidone 10mg Capsules
  • Rabeprazole 40 mg & Domperidone 30 mg SR Capsules
  • Dried Aluminium Hydroxide Gel, Magnesium Trisilicate, Magnesium Hydroxide, Simethicone etc.

Get for Third Party Anti-Ulcer Manufacturing Services

Your hunt for the greatest Anti Ulcer range to treat stomach upset, heartburn, and acid indigestion has come to an end at Lifecare Neuro. Yes, you read that correctly. The company offers a high-quality anti-ulcer line that can be used to treat and prevent diseases including mouth ulcers and peptic ulcers. To create its products, the business employs advanced production techniques and high-quality extracts. In terms of quality, safety, and purity, our products are superior to others.

  • Genuine Prices of the Medicines for Manufacturing Agreement.
  • A diverse product range is offered.
  • Product delivery on schedule Time.
  • Products that are reasonably priced that every class of people can afford them.
  • Manufacturing facilities that meet GMP and WHO standards.
  • Packaging and labeling that is accurate.
  • Warehouses that are contamination-free and spacious

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