Anti-migraine Drugs Manufacturer and Supplier in India

Anti-migraine Drugs Manufacturer and Supplier in India – Migraine is a very serious disease that has been affecting billions of people across the globe. It is a severe headache that is caused by one side of the brain. Some common symptoms of this condition include vomiting, nausea, and sensitivity to light sound or smell. To cure the condition, Lifecare Neuro, the leading Anti-migraine Drugs Manufacturer and Supplier in India offers the best quality formulations.

We have appointed the leading pharmacists in our units who have international level experience in pharma drug production. Our logistic partners enable timely delivery of the stock and never let you fall short of stock. We are the top Anti-migraine Drugs Manufacturer and Supplier in India and have been providing our services in around 10+ countries. Our drugs are highly safe for the patients and are brought to the market after they are well certified by WHO and DCGI.

WHO-GMP Verified Anti-Migraine Drugs

The product range that we offer is manufactured with 100% pure and safe raw extracts. We source the material from the leading pharma merchants of the industry. We own verification and certification from the best organization like ISO, WHO, DCGI and GMP. To avail of our drugs at pocket-friendly rates, we manufacture our medicines in excise-duty free areas.

Our anti-migraine medicines include formulations like:

Flunarizine: It is a calcium influx blocker that has calmodulin-binding properties and inhibits histamine H1. It is useful as an adjuvant in the prevention of migraine, obstructive peripheral vascular disease, central and peripheral dizziness, and the treatment of epilepsy.

Propranolol HCl: It is a beta-blocker that is often prescribed to prevent certain types of migraine headaches. It stabilizes blood vessels in the brain and prevents them from dilating.

Quality parameters followed by our company

Lifecare Neuro is the leading pharma company that gives prime preference to the quality of the formulations. We follow international quality measures including QA, QC, and ScheduleM. Our production units are highly furnished and fitted with the latest and advanced machinery. Before launching the drugs in the market we test them multiple times and after being assured of their safety, reliability, affectivity and durability.

To avoid cross-contamination and adulteration, we have strictly controlled the environmental conditions. We have over 150+ drugs and our anti-migraine medicines are highly appreciated by the leading doctors and specialists. Our company has an experienced, skilled, and innovative workforce that can assist you in achieving better results. We try to test medications in small batches to ensure their efficacy.

Packaging Techniques adopted at Lifecare Neuro

Quality packaging of a formulation is what keeps it safe from outer atmosphere, dust, contamination, leakage and spoilage. At Lifecare Neuro, we ensure our clients supply the products with safe and appealing packaging that is completely leak-proof. It also helps in the identification of products and attracts customers. To pack the anti-migraine medicines our company opts for various techniques like:

  • Blister
  • Alu-Alu
  • Aluminium Foil
  • Paper Box

The leading Anti-Migraine Drug Manufacturer – Lifecare Neuro

To fulfil the rising demand for quality drugs, Lifecare Neuro has been working constantly. Our company has highly skilled pharmacists who have years of experience and have provided us with formulations that are highly safe for the patients. We are a client-oriented organization that gives great preference to our partners’ satisfaction. We assign customer service representatives to guide and assist our clients, and this service is available 24*7.

Here is why you must collaborate with our company for manufacturing services:

  • Skilled R&D team
  • Self-owned manufacturing units
  • WHO-GMP verifications
  • Reasonable rates and investment plans
  • Timely delivery
  • Wide storage warehouses
  • Sterilized stock management

Documents required for collaboration

Lifecare Neuro believes in the professionalism and satisfaction of our clients. For that, we are working constantly and have our partners in all regions of the nation. To get access to our topmost quality drugs, you will need to submit some documents to legalize the deal.

  • Non-resemblance Certificate
  • Signed and Verified Contract Manufacturing Agreement with Complete Details
  • Drug License
  • Copy of Resolution for Authorized Signatory to Deal
  • Marketing / Corporate office Address
  • Sales Tax/TIN or GST Registration Certificates/ Number
  • Company profile with signatures from directors or partners documents (Aadhar Card and Pan Card)
  • Logo and Brand Values (if)
  • Tonality and Designs(If)

Contact Details:

Phone: +91-9318058855, +91-7876078855