Anti-Inflammatory medicine manufacturer and Supplier in India

Anti-Inflammatory medicine manufacturer and Supplier in India – Anti-inflammatory drugs help relieve the pain, reduce inflammation and bring down a high temperature. It also helps in providing relief from symptoms like headache, period pain, sprain, cold, flu, and other long-term pain. The medicines are highly in demand and Lifecare Neuro is the best Anti-Inflammatory medicine manufacturer and Supplier in India.

Our company has highly advanced machinery in the production units and our storage warehouses are wide enough to store all our drugs under special supervision of the leading pharmacists. With our genuine services and quality drugs, we are known as the most trusted Anti-Inflammatory medicine manufacturer and Supplier in India. We have our associates spread across the nation and we are welcome more firms and clients to join hands with us.

Anti-Inflammatory medicine manufacturer and Supplier in India

If you are interested in associating with our company, you can contact us by calling on +91-9318058855, +91-7876078855 or drop us an email at

Leading Anti-Inflammatory Drug Manufacturing Company – Lifecare Neuro

Lifecare Neuro is the leading third-party manufacturer in India to provide the best quality anti-inflammatory drugs. By associating with our company, you can run your business and get access to our quality products under your brand name, that too without setting any production units. We have verification from ISO, DCGI, WHO and GMP. The logistic partners that we are connected with enable the safe delivery of the stock.

Here are some of the major factors why you must associate with our company:

  • We have our production units located in the excise duty-free areas.
  • The storage warehouses of the company are well-ventilated and highly clean.
  • Our team of highly skilled and experienced pharma experts is engaged in the production of new and innovative formulations that are highly safe for patients.
  • We follow international security measures covering policies like QA, QC, and ScheduleM.
  • Our company has partnered with several doctors and specialists who keep us posted about the rising demand for quality formulations.

WHO-GMP Verified Anti-Inflammatory Drugs

The products that we provide are manufactured with 100% safe and pure raw extracts that we have gathered from the best and most reliable pharma merchants in the industry. The production units of the company are furnished with the latest and advanced machinery. Being produced in excise duty-free locations, our products are available at reasonable rates. Of all the drugs that we manufacture, our anti-inflammatory medicines are highly in demand.

Our anti-inflammatory medicines include formulations like:

Deflazacort: It aids in the treatment of inflammation, severe allergies, flare-ups of chronic illnesses, and a variety of other medical issues that necessitate either inflammation reduction or immune system suppression.

Montelukast & Levocetirizine Dihydrochloride: This is a combination medicine that helps in relieving sneezing and runny nose due to allergies. The medication relieves symptoms by reducing inflammation (swelling) in the airways and nose.

Quality Parameters at Lifecare Neuro

Quality is one of the major factors at Lifecare Neuro. We give special attention to the quality of our products. Following all the security measures, we ensure our drugs are highly safe, effective, reliable and durable for usage. We are capable of producing huge stock in the decided period. Our trained and experienced staff is constantly working on the production of our drugs and is formulating on several new products that would help our patients.  

Documents required to associate with our company

Investing in the third-party manufacturing services of anti-inflammatory drugs is a great opportunity. Our company welcomes all the interested people and organizations to collaborate with us and get access to our quality formulations. For collaborating, you will have to submit some documents which we have mentioned below. Along with these, you will need to pay half amount of the total stock while placing the order.

  • Drug License
  • Signed and Verified Contract Manufacturing Agreement with Complete Details
  • Company profile with signatures from directors or partners documents (Aadhar Card and Pan Card)
  • Marketing / Corporate office Address
  • Copy of Resolution for Authorized Signatory to Deal
  • Non-resemblance Certificate
  • Sales Tax/TIN or GST Registration Certificates/ Number
  • Tonality and Designs(If)
  • Logo and Brand Values (if)

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