Anti Cold Medicines Manufacturer In India

Anti-Cold Medicines Manufacturer In India – Bringing you a world-class range of Decongestants, Cough suppressants, Expectorants, antihistamines and Over-the-counter drugs for third party manufacturing! Lifecare Neuro is a trusted name in marketing, certified with ISO having vast units certified with GMP, WHP, GLP and HCCAP. We have been providing an attractive range of DCGI products making us the best cough and anti-cold medicines manufacturer in India.  Our company has ensured high quality, durability, efficacy and customer satisfaction as a feature of our products.  We have 25+ of experience and achieved 100% success in delivering effective medicine to relieve problems related to cough and cold in patients.


Anti Cold Medicines Manufacturer In India

Lifecare Neuro is having lastest manufacturing facilities that are trusted by professionals. We ensure that our products meet your highest expectation. All our medicines are approved under expert care. These include variety of anti cold suspensions, tablets, nasal sprays, syrups and Ayurvedic tonics. Our cough and cold medicine prices are economic along with benefits like quick delivery, best packaging technique, improved QA/QC standards, modern machines etc. We’re the Top Cough and Anti-cold Medicines manufacturer in India that has vast production facility, dedicated labs and skilled personnel at your service. For details call us at +91 78768 92589, +91 70189 91192, +91 93180 58855 to talk to our representative.

Top Anticold Drug Manufacturing Company – Lifecare Neuro

Our cold medication has a wide range for a cough, blockage, stodgy nose, runny nose, sniffling, and many related other issues that are related to this viral. We carry the latest and subjective Drug formulations for these viral infections. We bring you DCGI approved product which is safe to consume. The manufacturing system incorporates International guidelines that are laid by GMP and WHO. We give all the best services to our business partners to make them 100% satisfied. We can ensure that once teaming up with us will never make you think back on your excursion. here sharing facts about our manufacturing unit:

  • We carefully follow the standard strategies and ensure there ought not to be such a trade-off with the quality of Products.
  • Our manufactured products are demonstrated and best recommended by the quality administration specialists.
  • The manufacturing unit is exceptionally furnished and stacked with all the most recent hardware and machinery for fast processing.
  • The R&D team working here is the genuine quality supporter of the Company which consistently increases current standards of the organization in the market through imaginative structures.
  • We convey the product in the market with the most recent classy procedures to leave the presence of the product in the customer view.

Quality Measures Followed By Us

Lifecare  Neuro is resolved to manufacture an accurate product which must be rich in quality. A good quality product has the efficiency to cure problems. Our QA/QC team carefully examines the entire processing cycle and ensures all the worldwide quality guidelines are trailed by the manufacturing group to draw out the best yield of the Product. We have accomplished so many quality confirmations which guarantees our customers that our manufacturing unit is protected and our products are safe to consume. Our fragment of Anti-Cold Medicines is clinically tried and passed by a group of specialists. High official doctors make our product strongly suggested in the market. We ensure that our customers never feel a dissatisfaction from our end.

  • Standard operating Procedure is compiled by an Company to help workers and employees carry out complex routine operations. 
  • Total quality management (TQM) portrays an administration way to deal with long haul accomplishment through consumer loyalty. 
  •  Audit is a safeguard measure since ancient times to carry out regulation in a working unit.
  • Testing, analysing and processing are the main key things on which workforce is applied.

Cough & Cold Medicines Available 

Basic cold or Dry Cold is a typical viral irresistible sickness. It is one of the most widely recognized issues in the body. Also comes under communicable infections, This could be because of chilly climate, unfavorably susceptible indications and so on. The Demand for Anti Cold Medicines in India is inelastic. They don’t change with earlier fall or ascend in cost. These medications are evergreen with regards to request all over India. Lifecare Neuro has come up with advanced tablets, capsules, injections, sachet, syrups which can fight with Cold infection diseases. Focusing on Cold relief tablets we have brought different formulations and composition in the Anti-Cold Medicine range. Some product availble here are :

  1. Anti-Cold Tablets, Capsules
  2. Anti-Cough Tablet-Syrup
  3. Pediatric Syrup
  4. Ointments, Balms, and Gels for Cold
  5. Anti-cold drops/nasal spray
  6. Dry Cough Relief Syrup
  7. Sachets, etc.

Contact Information

Phone Number – +91 78768 92589, +91 70189 91192, +91 93180 58855